Parsons Remodeling is a premier full service residential contractor servicing the Portland Metro Area and SW Washington. Whether your project is complex or straightforward, major or standard in size, our proven process provides you with the necessary confidence that your investment will exceed your expectations. We have decades of proven success with our clients, and to provide our future clients with peace of mind, we are happy to provide an extensive list of client and professional references who stand behind our process.

Below you will find a summary of our process. During your in-home consultation, we will also provide you with a comprehensive guide to ensure that you are making the best decision in who you commission to bring your project to a tangible reality.

1. In-Home Consultation

Our experienced team will meet with the client to understand the scope of the project, the desires of the client, and gather necessary information to provide an accurate project proposal that will included both cost and timeline. Consultations allow the client to become comfortable with Parsons Remodeling, both in our integrity and ability to deliver an awe-inspiring finished product

2. Project Design

Clients have a concept in mind. Whether the concept is well defined or needing direction, we will work with the client to ensure that the finished product exceeds expectations. We are happy to provide a 3D rendering which will incorporate layout, color and material selections so that the client is able to see an accurate depiction of the finished product – before construction ever begins!


3. Client References

We want our clients to have confidence in their decision and highly recommend contacting our past clients. Parsons Remodeling will provide a list of references our future clients are encouraged to contact. Past clients can share their personal experiences and ease any concerns future clients may have with their project. In fact, if a company is unable to provide an extensive list of references, there should be cause for concern.

4. Contract

Parsons Remodeling and the client will have a follow-up meeting to review the proposed project, answer any subsequent questions, and discuss the timeline for the project. The client and Parsons Remodeling will execute the contract, and the client will begin the process with the specified deposit. Rest assured, Parsons Remodeling has a proven history of completing projects on time and on budget!


5. Permits and Legal

Parsons Remodeling, as a premier full-service company, will secure all necessary permits and legal clearance for each project. Our commitment is to provide clients with superior service, so we take care of every aspect of the process, ensuring that each project is overseen with integrity and professionalism. Once the permits are secured, the fast-paced remodeling/construction process begins!

6. Project Commences

Parsons Remodeling is committed to being on each project Monday-Friday – full time – from the start of a project to its completion. We seal the construction area and protect all surfaces to ensure that the clients’ homes are clean and safe. Every day the construction area is cleaned prior to our team leaving. Throughout the process, we work closely with the client, answering questions and providing clear communication.

7. Project Completion

At the completion of each project, we walk through the project to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied. If a checklist is necessary, we will work with the client to draft the checklist and work through the checklist efficiently. Parsons Remodeling provides the client with a finished product that defines superior craftsmanship, and a space for the client to enjoy for years to come!

8. Follow Up

Parsons Remodeling provides our clients with an extensive warranty on our work. We proudly stand behind our level of superior craftsmanship, and are happy to continue providing our clients with superior service and peace of mind, even after the final payment is made. We look forward to working with you, demonstrating on your next project why Parsons Remodeling is superior in client satisfaction and quality craftsmanship!

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