Parsons Remodeling was established decades ago on specific core values, and after years of bringing our clients’ dreams to reality, our commitment to these core values remains an integral part of how we define success. Selecting a contractor for your next project is a major decision, and one that impacts your life for years to come. Our desire is to instill confidence that Parsons Remodeling provides both superior craftsmanship and peace of mind through our unwavering commitment to our core values.

Core Value: Integrity

Simply stated, our first core value is integrity. Our unique process ensures that we are able to provide an accurate proposal for your specific project. We finish our projects on time and on budget.

A common fear with homeowners is that the final cost of a project and time duration will be far different than originally proposed. While this experience is true for many, it cannot be said of Parsons Remodeling and our clients.

For your peace of mind, we are happy to provide an extensive list of client references who will validate our commitment to integrity.

Core Value: Client Satisfaction

For Parsons Remodeling, success is defined by providing our clients with an overall experience that ensures complete satisfaction. Of course the final product matters most. The journey to the final product also matters.

Our commitment to client satisfaction begins with establishing a great relationship, understanding the desires of our clients, and working diligently – Monday through Friday – from the beginning of the project until its completion.

In short, we ensure an overall experience that brings ease in the process and peace of mind to our clients, from the first consultation to the finished product. Our comprehensive warranty promises peace of mind for years to come.

Core Value: Superior Craftsmanship

 There is no shortcut to providing superior craftsmanship. We ensure that our team is skilled and committed to excellence, and we use premier building materials in order to deliver a finished product that will maintain its aesthetic and construction integrity for many years.

Parsons Remodeling owns our own custom cabinet and woodworking shop, enabling us to deliver to our clients a finished product that is superior in the industry. Many of our past clients are happy to welcome you into their home to inspect the quality of our work for yourself.

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